VRLA Battery Thermal Runaway Detection System for DCX Battery Disconnects

New NFPA and local state fire codes now specify the use of a thermal runaway detection system for VRLA batteries to provide the ability to detect and alert if the battery system has a thermal fault developing or in process. In addition, many local municipalities have added the requirement that if thermal runaway is detected, the battery system must automatically be disconnected from the charging and load circuit without requiring manual intervention.

The Comm/net Systems TRD (Thermal Runaway Detector) system complements our DCX battery disconnect systems to create the only self-contained Telecom grade thermal runaway detection AND auto-disconnect system which comply with both NFPA and State/Local fire codes for VRLA battery installations.

The TRD controller circuit monitors temperature in three locations to analyze and determine if the VRLA battery system is approaching or is in thermal runaway condition. Two remote battery terminal sensors are compared against an internal reference temperature sensor and the differential is analyzed. Should a thermal fault be detected, the system alerts this status.

The CSI TRD option is a kit that consists of a plug-in circuit card and control panel assembly, two remote temperature sensors, and cable. The TRD can be installed in any CSI DCX disconnect unit.

  • Modular, hot-swap circuit card assembly
  • Two remote temperature sensor probes
  • Temperature display
  • Pre-alert and Thermal Runaway alarm relay contacts
  • Optional self-disconnect feature - Emergency Power Off trip during thermal runaway event
  • Kit retrofits into any existing CSI DCX Disconnect System
  • Downloads
    Data Sheet Installation Manual

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