Comm/net Systems Products

QPower 400 – High-Density DC Distribution Center for Light/Moderate Loads


The Comm/net QPower 400 is a high-density DC power distribution center ideal for deployments of mixed low- and medium-current loads where rack space is at a premium. The QPower 400 is redundantly fed, and supports up to 14 slimline hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers per input feed. Four of the circuits are reserved for medium-current (60A or less) loads, and traditional two-hole lug terminations are provided. The remaining ten circuit positions are for low-current (20A or less) loads, and easy-to-use barrier strip terminations are provided.

  • 400A Panel Input Rating
  • Only 2RU Required*
  • 19” or 23” Rack Mount
  • 27” Deep to Match Common Network Equipment
  • Slimline Breakers
  • 4A/4B High-Ampacity Breaker Positions (60AMax): 2-Hole Lug Termination
  • 10A/10B Low-Ampacity Breaker Positions (20A Max): Barrier Strip Termination
  • Power/Breaker Trip Alarm LED
  • Form C Alarm Contacts for Remote Monitoring
  • Lacing Bar Included