QPower 400
High-Density DC Distribution Center for Light/Moderate Loads

The Comm/net QPower 400 is a high-density DC power distribution center ideal for deployments of mixed low- and medium-current loads where rack space is at a premium. The QPower 400 is redundantly fed, and supports up to 14 slimline hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers per input feed. Four of the circuits are reserved for medium-current (60A or less) loads, and traditional two-hole lug terminations are provided. The remaining ten circuit positions are for low-current (20A or less) loads, and easy-to-use barrier strip terminations are provided.

While the distribution center is 3RU high overall, an innovative input feeder area allows the panel to occupy only the top two RU at the front of the rack. This makes use of the extra headroom commonly found in large cabinets, and preserves as much rack space as possible for revenue-generating equipment.

Input power and breaker trip alarm indication is provided via front panel LEDs, as well as Form-C alarm contacts for remote monitoring.

  • 400A panel input rating
  • Only 2RU required*
  • 19” or 23” rack mount
  • 27” deep to match common network equipment
  • Slimline breakers
  • 4A/4B high-ampacity breaker positions (60A max): 2-hole lug termination
  • 10A/10B low-ampacity breaker positions (20A max): barrier strip termination
  • Power/Breaker trip alarm LED
  • Form C alarm contacts for remote monitoring
  • Lacing bar included
  • Specifications
    Voltage -40 to -60VDC
    Input rating 400A max per bus
    Input configuration A/B redundant
    Circuits 4A/4B high-ampacity breaker positions (60A max);
    10A/10B low-ampacity breaker positions (20A max)
    Dimensions 17" W x 3.5" H x 27" D
    Mounting 19/23" via reversible mounting ears
    Color Black powdercoat
    Data Sheet

    For pricing and ordering information, please contact CSI Sales at 1-800-274-0544 or via email at sales@commnetsystems.com.