GMT C14 Series Fuse Panel
For Telecom Broadband

The CSI C14 series GMT fuse panel product family consists of single-input and dual-input versions of the same product configuration in a short chassis ideal for relay rack applications.

The input bus bars are configured for two-hole compression lug attachment and support multiple center-to-center bolt spacings. The bus rating for the single input model is 400A, and the dual input supports up to 250A per input. The panel has 42 GMT fused outputs (21A/21B in a dual input configuration) and supports GMT fuses up to 20A per circuit.

The outputs of the GMT C14 are connectorized to ensure proper polarity, decrease installation time, and improve safety during installation and servicing.

  • Single and dual A/B input versions available
  • 19”/23” rack mount (1RU)
  • 400A total load (single input)
  • 250A per input bus (dual input)
  • 42 GMT fused outputs (dual input 21A/21B), up to 20A per circuit
  • High power density and ampacity
  • Positive latching, polarized output connectors for easy installation of the fused outputs
  • Two-hole lug high-current bus bars for input hot and return terminations
  • Supports 3/8” on 5/8”-1” center-to-center input lugs
  • Supports input cable sizes up to 350 kcmil in all configurations
  • Color-coded LED indicators for power status and fuse failure alarms
  • Clear safety input covers included
  • Specifications
    Voltage -48VDC
    Input rating 400A max per bus (single input);
    250A max per bus (dual input)
    Input configuration Single input;
    Dual input
    Circuits 42 GMT fuse positions (single input);
    21A/21B GMT fuse positions (dual input)
    Dimensions 17" W x 1.75" H x 14" D (single input);
    17" W x 1.75" H x 16" D (dual input)
    Weight 15 lbs (single input);
    18 lbs (dual input)
    Mounting 19/23" via reversible mounting ears
    Color Black powdercoat
    Data Sheet Installation Manual Connectorized Cable Assemblies

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