GJX™ High Density
DC Power Distribution System

The GJX is an advanced, high-power DC distribution center for rack-mount telecom and broadband applications. It is capable of fitting both 19” and 23” racks while occupying 5RU of space. A flip-up front door and removable front panel provide circuit breaker protection against nuisance trips. In addition, the flip-up front door features an integrated supervisory controller module with display for real-time monitoring of voltage, current, and breaker trip alarms.

The robust design of the GJX distributes power for up to 10 loads. Each single-pole GJ breaker position can supply up to 250A. An optional rear bus bar attachments expands breaker support for two-pole GJ breakers for 300A and 400A, ultimately providing loads up to 600A. The CSI GJX panel is an ideal solution for DC power distribution from bulk-power rectifiers, point-of-use DC power systems, PDF rectifiers, and cabinet systems.

  • 5RU 19/23” rack mount -48VDC distribution system
  • Single DC input (800A or 1200A rated)
  • Internal 800A or 1200A current measurement shunt
  • Optional rear panel mount return bus bar
  • Status monitoring via supervisory controller
  • Uses GJ circuit breakers (front access)
  • Circuit breakers available from 100A to 400A
  • LED indicators for power input status, circuit breaker trip alarm
  • Provides more distribution flexibility than fuses
  • Specifications
    Voltage -48VDC
    Input rating 800A;
    Input configuration Single input
    Circuits 10
    Dimensions 17" W x 8.75" H x 10.6" D (16.96" D with return bus bar)
    Mounting 19/23" via reversible mounting ears
    Color Black powdercoat
    Data Sheet Installation Manual

    For pricing and ordering information, please contact CSI Sales at 1-800-274-0544 or via email at sales@commnetsystems.com.