EMBS Cabinet
Wraparound Manual Bypass Sidecar Cabinet
Comm/net’s external wraparound manual bypass sidecar cabinet allows feeding critical AC loads directly from the Main Distribution Panel if inverter maintenance is required.
  • 3-Phase rotary make-before-break load switch
  • Electromechanical interlock -- prevents movement of the load switch unless the inverter is operating in bypass
  • Rotary On/Off inverter feed switch -- removes AC power from the inverter for safety
  • Up to two 3-pole output breaker positions
  • Clear status indicators & operating placards
  • Dry contacts for remote state monitoring
  • Handshake interlock for CE+T Bravo Inverters
  • Specifications
    Voltage 120/208VAC
    Input current 250A
    Maximum input interruption device 250A
    Interrupt rating 100kA
    Dimensions 18" W x 84" H x 27.56" D
    Mounting Floor anchor
    Color Grey powdercoat
    Data Sheet Installation Manual

    For pricing and ordering information, please contact CSI Sales at 1-800-274-0544 or via email at sales@commnetsystems.com.