For applications with restricted rear access, Comm/net’s DSP Front Access Panel provides convenient, safe front access to all of the power and signal terminations of the DSP-120 inverter. Cables can be fed in through large, edge-protected openings on the sides of the enclosure, or in from the top or bottom. The Front-Access Panel is pre-installed on the DSP-120 inverter chassis, and is available mounted to the top or bottom of the inverter. Cabling to the DSP-120 inverter is completely contained within a raceway, providing protection of the cables and extra safety for personnel.

For customers requiring network monitoring/SNMP, the DSP Front Access Panel can be ordered with the SNMP adapter components (housed separately in typical DSP-120 installations) included and well-integrated into the enclosure. A separate power feed is not required; SNMP adapter power is tapped from the SBS DC input

  • Safe, reliable lug landings for all inverter inputs and outputs
  • Separate compartments for low-voltage DC and high-voltage AC wiring
  • Dry Contact Alarms, Including BYPASS INTERLOCK signal
  • Rack mount; 23” relay rack or cabinet compatible
  • Optional integrated NFPA code compliant thermal runaway detection system
  • Wall mount and rack mount configurations available
  • Reversible left-swing or right-swing front-access door
  • Flexible cable entry: left, right, top, bottom
  • UL listed: ANSI/UL 60950-1; File No. E473904
  • Specifications
    Dimensions 21.12" W x 15.75" H x 29.62" D
    Mounting 23" rack mount
    Color White powdercoat
    Data Sheet

    For pricing and ordering information, please contact CSI Sales at 1-800-274-0544 or via email at sales@commnetsystems.com.