The Battery Termination Bus (BTB) serves as an external termination area for battery cables. The BTB is available in either stacked single enclosure version where hot (-) and return (+) connections are isolated by glastic standoffs, or in a split configuration in which the hot and return connections are installed in separate enclosures for increased separation.

The BTB provides 20 back to back landing positions for ½ in on 1 ¾ centers lugs. This allows the system to support up to 40 connections per polarity.

Easy to install covers provide complete electrical isolation and allow for easy service later as more connections are added.

  • 3000A or 4000A configurations
  • Split bus or single enclosure stacked version
  • Easy to install cover
  • ½ on 1 ¾ in centers termination for large lugs
  • 40 cable landing positons per polarity
  • Hangs from 5/16-16 in hardware for easy installation from overhead ladder rack or unistrut
  • Specifications
    Voltage -48VDC
    Input rating 600A and 1000A
    Dimensions 8" W x 36" L (6000A model);
    8" W x 48" L (10000A model)
    Mounting Wall mount or aux frame mount
    Data Sheet

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